Wills and Powers of Attorney

What is a Will?

  • A legal document in which you state how you want your assets to be distributed after your death.
  • A will also allows you to name a person to take care of your children. (Guardian)
  • Name a person to carry out your wishes stated in your will. (Executor or Estate Trustee)
  • Plan your estate to minimize taxes.

Importance of a Will

  • No matter the value of your assets or your financial situation, a Will is one of the most  important legal documents you will ever sign.
  • It provides instructions on how you would like your estate to be managed by a trusted person and your assets to be distributed after your death.
  • It stipulates who will take care of your children once both parents are gone.

Without a Will

  • Your estate may not be distributed according to your wishes and intentions.
  • You may be leaving important decisions concerning your assets up to the government.
  • Your death could cause legal and administrative burdens for your loved ones.
  • Your death could create uncertainty for your children and potential conflicts for your loved ones.

Powers of Attorney

  • Legal documents that allow you to name a trusted person(s) to make your important decisions when you are not capable of doing so.
  • Two types of Power of Attorney: Property and Personal Care.
  • Property- relating to your financial affairs.
  • Personal Care- relating to your health and personal care decisions.

Pricing:  starting from $499.00 plus HST for two Wills and two Powers of Attorney each for a couple.

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