Sonya Emery
Senior Law Clerk
Christina Tavares
Law Clerk
“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with Sonya Emery. She has been incredibly helpful and such a pleasure to work.” – A.S., Refinance, July 18, 2012 “I just wanted to express a thank you for the excellent service provided by Christina…She was also open to input along with ensuring all questions were answered in a timely fashion.  I would gladly use  your services again and appreciated dealing with a professional like Christina.” – P.P., Refinance, August 17, 2012.
“I just wanted to send a quick note to mention Sonya’s professionalism and customer care.  She is a pleasure to work with and I am certain she is a valuable member of your team.” – J.M., Mortgage Broker, October 3, 2012 “Just want to say it is a pleasure dealing with Christina.  She is very helpful and helped us with receiving the Final Report in timely manner and was able to assist.” – C.H., Refinance, Oct. 2, 2012.
Noel Irwin
Law Clerk
Catherine Di Nunzio
Law Clerk
“Noel does a fantastic job for my clients and me. I am 100% + satisfied ! She is truly an asset to your company.  I hope you are aware of this.” – T.T., Mortgage Broker, August 1, 2012. “I would like to commend the very professional and expedient work of Catherine in handling a recent refinancing of my mortgage. She was always prompt and very thorough in all her communications. Everything went very smoothly thanks to her diligence.” – J.D., Refinance, April 15, 2012.
“I just wanted to send this e-mail to let you know how wonderful Noel Irwin has been…She has been extremely courteous and efficient and we have greatly appreciated having her take care of us. Thank you for having such wonderful people, such as Noel, representing your Company.” – A.S., Refinance, May 25, 2012. “She was very helpful and extremely pleasant to work with. We would recommend her to anyone!” – J.B., Refinance, September 7, 2012.
Susan Pontes
Law Clerk
Amandeep Dhaliwal
Law Clerk
“Thanks for everything Sue. Everything went very well. No issues at all!!! Great service!!” – M.G., Purchase, March 12, 2012. “I am responding … to tell you how pleasant and professional I found Amandeep Dhaliwal in my dealings with her today. What an asset to your firm she must be. Thank you for employing such a bright young lady!” – J.E., Refinance, May 18, 2012.
“Sue, thank you very much, your support is always 5 stars!” – C.M., Refinance, December 30, 2011. “In a world where Customer Service has become less important, I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to deal with her and how her manner has made this transaction much easier for us.” – T.F., Refinance, May 16, 2012.

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