Additional Related Services

When dealing with Property, there are certain circumstances which may require additional work. Vanguard Law Group LLP will discuss these circumstances with you as soon as they are discovered and find the best course of action to complete the transaction as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. Vanguard Law Group can also provide many different services to home owners outside of completing a Purchase, Sale or Refinance. Some examples of these are:

  • Title Transfers, our fee to add or remove a person from title is $499.00 plus Government registration fees, HST and Land Transfer Taxes (if applicable). This is quite commonly done to remove parents or siblings who at one time was needed to co-sign on a mortgage.
  • Change of Name, our fee to complete a legal name change on title is $175.00 plus Government registration fees and HST. A legal name change on title can be done for the reasons of: marriage, divorce and legal name change. This is commonly used upon a couple who owned a property before marriage and would like to change to the married name on title after marriage.
  • Survivorship Applications, our fee to remove a deceased owner from title is $225.00 plus HST. This is required when a joint owner of a property is deceased. We will remove that party from title, transferring the rights to the remaining joint owner.
  • Notary/Commissioning Service - our fee to notarize or commission documents is $25.00 for the first page and $15.00 each additional page thereafter. Please also note that if a "At-Home" service is required an additional $100.00 will be added to the price.
  • Quick Closings - Purchases/Sales directed to our office within 5 days of closing are subject to an additional fee of $200 dollars.
  • Please feel free to contact our office to obtain pricing for any services required and not listed above.


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